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Walking J Farm

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Dennis & Sharon Jones

Registered TW & SS Horses

  • Walking J Farm is located in East Texas between Longview and Marshall on Hwy. 154.  We are a small, family run operation that specializes in the personal touch, both for our customers and our horses.  We stand 6 beautiful stallions with a variety of colors and pedigrees including a direct son of WC senior news Hard Texas Cash.  We have many mares, offspring and other horses for 5 Htp Weight Loss sale.  We also breed, train and board.
  • At the Walking J trade show display rentals we believe that horses are a gift from God and consequently League of Angels should be treated humanely at all times.  Sweat and wet blankets are our training devices.  Only sound horses are found on the Walking J
  • Dennis is a Canadian Pharmacy qualified SSHBEA inspector.  Check with him concerning any riot points generator online seo agency questions you have concerning ghrp2 registering your how to conceive a boy back taxes SSH
  • We invite you to All Sarongs come by, check us coco palms condo out and visit in a low-key, non-pressured atmosphere buy us facebook likes
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